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Online Driver CPC Courses

5 Star Rated Training Provider! Informative & Simple to Attend.

Online CPC Training

Welcome to Traxion, one of the UK’s top rated Driver CPC providers. We specialise in providing courses that are actually useful and designed to help Drivers as well as just tick a box. All courses are currently delivered over live “Zoom” sessions, saving you time and money. Don’t worry if your’e not good with tech, it’s really easy to attend! All courses are fully DVSA/JAUPT accredited. Find out more by checking out our upcoming courses below;

Traxion CPC Courses

5 day 35 hour CPC course
35 hours

5 Day Driver CPC Course (35 Hours)

The full 35 hour package to gain or renew a Drivers Qualification Card and your CPC. Sit 5 days in a row, or attend on ...
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Traxion only use the best Instructors, with real-life experience and qualifications in the relevant subjects.

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About Traxion

Traxion was founded in 2014 by a former HGV driver, experienced Transport Manager and qualified Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor. We initially provided bespoke training and consultancy services to a select number of clients. During the COVID pandemic we took the opportunity to move our Driver CPC courses online and open them up to a wider number of clients. Since then we’ve grown to become one of the countries top rated and most trusted providers. 

CPC Frequently Asked Questions

All courses run from 9-5. You will need to log on slightly earlier to complete an ID check. We will have an hour of breaks throughout each day.
We register your training with the DVSA the morning after each course. Once you've completed the relevant amount of hours, your card is automatically sent to your home address.

Some newer drivers may. This depends on when you passed both your car and vocational driving tests. It can be confusing and if you're not sure then it's best to simply get in touch and we can tell if you're eligible and point you in the right direction if you're not.

The periodic CPC courses that we offer are attendence only. The only way you can fail is if you don't give the course suitable attention. You will need to be somewhere relatively free from distractions and able to pay attention.

No. DVSA will thankfully no longer allow needless repetition of the same course. All of our courses are unique to Traxion and built by us, so even if it's a similar subject to a course you've sat with another provider, it's not the same course and not a repetition. You can't sit the same course with us though, so you need to plan your dates accordingly.

We advise against it. It might seem easier but it's a long time to stare at a small screen and you will need to interact with quiz and chat boxes on the screen. We appreciate that some people might have no other option so you can attend on a phone as a last resort but we would suggest making every effort to get use of a tablet or laptop.
You can complete any 5, different CPC modues covering any subjects you find suitable. There's no set subjects that you must cover.
Yes. You do need to have a working camera and will need to be visible and paying reasonable attention for the duration of the course.
We're well used to dealing with minor connection issues. It's not usually too big an issue. We'll give you our emergency contact number at the beginning of the course and we can try and help if you're having problems. It's very rare for anyone to have serious problems. The platform that we use to deliver the course is very reliable. In the unlikely event that you can't finish the day (which has never happened due to computer issues), then we'll refund any payment.
Yes. We deliver all of our courses using an app called "ZOOM". If you're using a mobile device then you will need to download their app, if you're on a computer then you need to install what they call their "client", which is like an app for computers. There's no payment for this you only the free version. We'll send over more detailed info on this when you book.

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