can you do cpc online?

Can you do CPC online? Yes, Driver CPC courses can now be attended remotely. The courses are accredited and the hours registered in exactly the same way as a classroom course.

In response to the COVID restrictions, many types of training that would normally be delivered in the classroom were allowed to be delivered remotely on video sharing platforms like Zoom for the very first time. This included Driver CPC. It was intended to be a temporary measure at the time, but there’s now no indication that remote sessions will be discontinued.

This has helped to greatly reduce the cost of training for Drivers, as well as saving travel time and expenses. In general the response to the online courses has been positive, and many drivers prefer it over the classroom option.

Despite many Drivers being sceptical of attending online, and unsure of their own tech ability, a huge 94% of Drivers that attend our courses leave feedback that they actually preferred the online format!

The courses are still live sessions run at set times and Drivers do still need to be available for the full duration (unfortunately a ridiculous 7 hours, which is out of our control). A device with a camera and a stable internet connection is required and attendees will need to remain visible throughout the course and be expected to interact.

Remote courses aren’t just a cheap box tick either! For Drivers who genuinely want to get something from the course, the distraction free environment works really well. Remote course delivery is actually helping to raise the bar in the quality of course content, as it’s easier to keep attendees on track with the relevant subjects. Check out what previous Drivers have had to say by clicking the icon below;

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The majority of Drivers that attend our courses have never attended remote training before and are initially very sceptical. The first thing that they find surprising is how easy it is to join the meeting and get logged on. It’s literally just like making a phone call and since 2021 we have NEVER had a single Driver that couldn’t complete a course due to lack of computer ability! So can YOU do cpc online? Absolutely.

Remote training in all industries is likely here to stay and those that don’t at least give it a try will likely find themselves wasting time and money on services that they perhaps mistakenly believe are better.

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