Changes to Driver CPC in 2024

Will Driver CPC be scrapped? Proposed changes to Driver CPC in 2024!

In short, no, it won’t. The government have recently reviewed the Driver CPC requirements following the perceived Driver shortage in 2021. There were concerns that the CPC was a barrier to entry into the industry.

It has now been made clear that Driver CPC will not be scrapped. It will however be changing, and hopefully Drivers will be given more flexibility in the future.

The proposals to reform the DCPC revolve around the idea of creating a more flexible national CPC, as well as continuing with the current international version. Drivers who wish to drive in the EU will not see any changes, and will need to continue with the current 35 hour periodic training requirement. But if you only wish to be able to drive in the UK then you will likely soon see more flexibility.

The first change that we are likely to see is a reduction in the minimum course length. Currently DCPC must be delivered in 7 hour “modules”. It is widely agreed (including by us at Traxion Training) that this is simply too long! The current proposal is to reduce this to a minimum of 3.5 hours, although Drivers will still have to complete 35 hours in total over 5 years, they will be able to do it in shorter “modules”. This would make it easier to fit training in around work and other commitments. All good in our opinion!

The next change is the likely introduction of E-learning in order to make up some of the hours. So instead of having to sit live, tutor lead sessions, Drivers will have the option to make up some of their requirement by sitting online courses at times to suit them. This will likely be useful to drivers who are more comfortable using online platforms, but probably won’t be everyones cup of tea.

The Government have indicated that they would like to introduce these reforms as soon as possible, and we could likely see these changes to Driver CPC in 2024.

There is also ongoing consultation about introducing a test option, instead of periodic training (there’s no suggestion that mandatory tests will become part of the periodic training). So Drivers could sit an onscreen test, similar to a Theory Test, and if they pass then they will not need to undergo any training. There’s no suggestion that the tests will be mandatory and periodic training will always be an alternative option. This proposal will not be introduced in 2024 and no definite decisions have been made if it ever will actually be introduced.

You can read the latest update at the time of writing by clicking here.

In conclusion, it is likely that there will be more flexibility in how Drivers can make up their CPC hours (if they only drive in the UK) before the end of the year. But there’s likely to be some confusion and uncertainty if and when the rules change. If your Drivers CPC Card is expiring in September 2024, It still makes sense to sit the current 7 hour modules for now. Luckily you can save money and time by attending our courses from home! Click here to book or find out more.